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For individuals, businesses, and institutions seeking information on The Defense Base Act, is a valuable resource.  News outlets have discovered as much, utilizing the law website in a recent story covering the plight of Doctors Without Borders for international support in the wake of the bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan. In seeking to share information about the Defense Base Act, the publication pointed readers to the comprehensive website of our Defense Base Act attorneys at Barnett, Lerner, Karsen & Frankel.

Understanding the DBA

The Defense Base Act is a federal workers’ compensation program available to workers injured working overseas for the U.S. Department of Defense Contractors. The program has served to help many workers injured while employed by contractors doing business in Iraq and Afghanistan.  However, the Defense Base Act’s origins precede the conflicts in these countries by many years.  An extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act of 1921, the Defense Base Act continues that piece of legislation’s efforts to help injured workers in the longshore industry.   The benefits made available by the law include reasonable and necessary medical benefits, such as surgery and hospital treatment.  This covers payment for things like prescription medications, physical therapy, diagnostic tests, attendant care, prosthetic devices, and other necessary medical treatments and equipment. includes thorough and valuable information concerning the benefits made available by The Defense Base Act, as well as how to contact attorneys skilled and experienced in pursuing workers’ compensation claims under the law. 

Legal Help for DBA Claims

Because of the dangers posed by working in regions like Iraq and Afghanistan, tragedies have occurred.  While nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, the Defense Base Act does provide for death benefits for the families of workers who have died while working overseas.  If you have been injured while working abroad, or have lost a loved one who was contracted overseas, contact an experienced Defense Base Act attorney.  Pursuing a claim under the law can be complex, with many procedural rules and requirements.  A skilled attorney knows how to navigate these strictures, and obtain the benefits you need and deserve for your injuries and other losses.

The exact amount of the benefits available under The Defense Base Act depend on the specifics of the injuries suffered while working overseas.  An injury may result in a temporary or permanent disability, total or partial disability, or death in some cases.  For more information, explore the valuable resources at  After you have learned about The Defense Base Act, contact a skilled and experienced Defense Base Act attorney.