Reimbursement of Medical Expenses

medicalexpensesWhen an insurance carrier denies a claim, the injured worker is placed in the position of having to pay for his or her medical treatment while the case is pending and before a judge has ruled on the merits of the claim.  If the claim is determined to be compensable under the Defense Base Act, then the individual is entitled to reimbursement for the out of pocket expenses incurred related to their medical treatment.  However, reimbursement cannot be made without appropriate documentation, including invoices, receipts and reports detailing the treatment rendered.  It is not an uncommon occurrence where individuals fail to maintain adequate records, thus making it more difficult to secure full reimbursement.  Therefore, it is important for an injured worker to maintain copies of all such documents during the pendency of their claims so that they can be fully reimbursed for these expenses when they prevail in their case.