Honesty is the Best Policy

shutterstock_62505337Everyone has heard this maxim at one point or another in the past.  This is particularly true in the context of litigation.  Oftentimes, due to the confusing circumstances surrounding an injury, the time delay, or simply poor memory, stories become confused.  What a person does not want to happen is to be accused of misguiding the court.  Therefore, from the outset, being completely honest truly is the best policy.

Courts weigh the credibility of all witnesses, and Judges pay particular attention to injured workers testifying in court.  Also, investigators, doctors, attorneys, and adjusters all gauge an injured worker’s credibility in interviews, doctor’s notes, and depositions.  We advise all of our clients to be open, honest, and straightforward not only with our office, but throughout the entire claim and litigation process.  This includes not exaggerating or downplaying symptoms or injuries, or hiding pre-existing conditions.  The surest way to lose a case is to have a Judge not believe you.

Not being honest can have severe legal repercussions.  If you have any questions or concerns about the claim and litigation process, any of our attorneys can answer your questions for you.