Federal Workers Compensation Claims

There are a vast variety of jobs provided by the Federal government, and while some are more dangerous than others, anyone can get hurt on the job. After all, accidents happen no matter how careful we are. If you become injured in any way due to your job it’s important to know what rights and benefits you are entitled to receive.

The Federal Employees Compensation Act– FECA

Federal Workers Compensation ClaimsThe Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) is responsible for helping thousands of federal workers each year. In 2012 alone, FECA spent $3 billion dollars compensating lost wages, providing death benefits, and covering the costs of medical services for over 242,000 injured employees (Read More). The job of FECA is to guarantee all harmed workers are given the fair treatment that they deserve. Realizing the urgency of health-related cases, FECA works diligently to make the approval process as quick as possible. Expect to hear back within 45-90 days after inquiring if your personal injury is listed as a covered condition. 

What Types Of Injuries Are Typically Covered?

One sudden moment can change an entire day, or even life. Things are going fine and then ‘poof’ it happens—whatever it might be—and you are physically injured. Physical injuries are common federal workers compensation claims. Still, other injuries are often considered eligible, say for instance if your job requires repetitive actions that cause continuous stress on a certain part of your body such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis. It’s not always physical ailments that plague workers, our emotional health is equally as important. Therefore, if conditions at work are causing mental stress, or have harmed your emotional health, you are considered eligible to apply for a federal employee compensation claim.

Once Approved What Sort of Benefits Will I Receive?

All injuries are different, some last a few months, while others remain a lifelong ailment. Depending on your personal set of circumstances the coverage you receive will vary. Although once approved for coverage, most medical examinations and additional tests will be covered, as well as necessary ongoing care. When something is medically wrong you make many trips back and forth to the doctor. Understandably, transportation isn’t cheap, which is why there is also coverage for related travel expenses. For long-winded injuries, disability benefits are granted and typically total 2/3 of a worker’s pay. If an approved condition is deemed permanent, and will not heal further with time, there might be a schedule award available. This award is added compensation on top of paid medical expenses, and retirement benefits.

Secure What’s Rightfully Yours

Almost everyday you get up and go to work; you have dedicated so much energy, effort, and time into your job. This dedication deserves recognition and in a just society your favors should be returned. When injured on the job it’s rightfully an employer’s responsibility to take care of associated costs. Consult with a legal representative to ensure you receive all that you deserve when it comes to Federal Worker’s Compensation Claims.