Why You Need a Defense Base Act Attorney

The Defense Base Act was initially adopted by Congress in 1941. Although the Act was originally intended to cover civilian workers employed at overseas military bases, the Act was later extended to cover civilians working on overseas construction projects for the United States Government or its allies, and was extended to protect employees fulfilling service contracts tied to such construction projects or to a national defense activity. Under the Defense Base Act, all employees are covered under the Act, regardless of their citizenship or nationality. Thus, any worker associated with a construction project of the United States supported benefits under the Defense Base Act.

The benefits available under the Defense Base Act are those benefits defined by the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. Thus, if an injured worker, with the help of a Defense Base Act attorney, established that an accident occurred or that working conditions existed which could have caused, aggravated or accelerated an injury, an injured worker may have the right to both medical benefits for all of the injuries, as well as the right to compensation benefits while disabled. Under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, in addition to compensation during the time of disability, injured workers may also have the right to a scheduled award or, alternatively, the potential payment for any loss of earnings as a result of the work-related injury. The Act also provides for a category of permanent total disability, in the event an injured worker's condition is so severe that they are unable to return to any employment whatsoever.

Because all government contracts contain within them a provision that requires bidding contractors to obtain necessary insurance, a failure in obtaining DBA insurance carries very stiff penalties. Fines and possible loss of contract are both results for failure of obtaining coverage. The most severe penalty being that of employers with DBA coverage are subject to suits under common law and claimants are allowed to bring charges to Federal Courts. An experienced DBA attorney can help claimants make sure they get the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

So, if you are a civilian, have been working for the United States Government or one of their allies, were injured, and seek compensation, turn to the Defense Base Act attorneys at Barnett, Lerner & Karsen, P. A. to represent you. Contact us to learn more about our Defense Base Act attorneys today.