Injured on the job? Civilian Contractor? Working in iraq? Working in Afganistan? DBA Injuruy?
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Experienced Defense Base Act Attorneys

The law firm of Barnett, Lerner & Karsen, P.A. represents injured workers in a variety of forms. The firm's primary focus is handling injured employee claims of civilian contractors working outside the United States pursuant to a contract with the United States Government. These claims are covered under the Defense Base Act, which is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. Barnett, Lerner & Karsen, P.A. represent more injured civilian workers covered under the DBA than any other law firm in the world, and the lawyers combined have in excess of 75 years litigation and trial experience.

At the law firm Barnett &Lerner, P.A. we are one hundred and ten percent devoted to our clients. We know that being injured over seas can be very traumatic. Between not being with family members and the injury itself, things can become very hectic. Having representation that has the experience, knowledge, and reputation to effectively and efficiently win your case is key to any injury claim from insurance firms like AIG Insurance Company. And because we have associates worldwide, this allows for Barnett, Lerner & Karsen, P. A. to be a powerful advocate in your case regardless of your location. Barnett, Lerner & Karsen, P.A. work very hard to ensure all your rights under the Defense Base Act are protected.

We invest a great deal of time and effort into each case we take on, litigating or appealing your case in an effort to receive the maximum compensation. The law office of Barnett, Lerner & Karsen, P. A. will not leave any stones unturned and will investigate all entities or parties on your behalf. We are experts on finding all possible ally-ways of compensation to cover your injury. In addition, we are not afraid to take on major insurance providers or companies.

To learn more about claiming compensation from AIG Insurance Company and other insurance companies, call Barnett, Lerner & Karsen, P.A. today.